Tuesday, April 9, 2013

1304.2316 (V. D. Simutkin et al.)

Experimental Neutron-Induced Fission Fragment Mass Yields of 232Th and
238U at Energies from 10 to 33 MeV

V. D. Simutkin, S. Pomp, J. Blomgren, M. Österlund, R. Bevilacqua, I. V. Ryzhov, G. A. Tutin, S. G. Yavshits, L. A. Vaishnene, M. S. Onegin, J. P. Meulders, R. Prieels
Development of nuclear energy applications requires data for neutron-induced reactions for actinides in a wide neutron energy range. Here we describe measurements of pre-neutron emission fission fragment mass yields of 232Th and 238U at incident neutron energies from 10 to 33 MeV. The measurements were done at the quasi-monoenergetic neutron beam of the Louvain-la-Neuve cyclotron facility CYCLONE; a multi-section twin Frisch-gridded ionization chamber was used to detect fission fragments. For the peak neutron energies at 33, 45 and 60 MeV, the details of the data analysis and the experimental results have been published before and in this work we present data analysis in the low-energy tail of the neutron energy spectra. The preliminary measurement results are compared with available experimental data and theoretical predictions.
View original: http://arxiv.org/abs/1304.2316

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